Insurance and Payment

Children’s Dermatology of Orange County is in-network with several health insurancece providers, which means you and your loved ones can take advantage of our services with minimal out-of-pocket expenses. Many insurance plans fully cover pediatric dermatology treatments while others may require a portion as out-of-pocket. You can reach out to your insurance company to find out more about the specifics of your insurance plan.

Please call our office at (949) 679-1990 and our patient care coordinators will help you choose the best treatment options.

Insurance Policies:

We follow insurance carrier’s guidelines for most PPO and a limited number of HMO insurance plans. It is your responsibility to provide copies of current and accurate insurance information, including updates or changes in carriers or primary insured. Should you fail to provide this information, you will be financially responsible for all charges incurred.

You are responsible for knowledge of your own insurance benefits including but not limited to deductible, co-insurance, co-pay details, and if the doctor you are seeing is listed as participating, and in-network, under your insurance plan.

  • PPO or HMO patients: You will be responsible for paying your annual deductible, co-payment, coinsurance and charges for any non-covered, cosmetic services at the time of service
  • MEDI-CAL: We are still not contracted with Medi-Cal or CHOC Alliance Insurance as a primary or secondary plan. You will be considered a cash patient and the entire balance is due at the time of service or after your primary insurance has paid.
  • Medicare Patients: We are participating providers of the Medicare program for children. Patients are responsible for meeting their annual deductible and co-payment. We do file with secondary /supplemental carriers. However, in the event that the secondary does not pay within 60 days, patients will be balance billed. If you have an HMO that we do not accept, as a secondary, the balance after Medicare pays is your responsibility.

Cancellation/No-show Policy:

In order for us to see you in an efficient manner, we depend on our patients to be prompt and to notify us 1 business day in advance if there are any problems with keeping their appointment time. Therefore, we will charge a no-show fee of $50 if an appointment is not cancelled 1 business day in advance. In addition, if a patient arrives more than 15 minutes after the appointment time, we may need to reschedule.